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Login Screen

The entry point of the web app. Users can also login with their Google account credentials.


After logging in, the user is taken to their dashboard where they can choose between sample templates and custom templates.

Sample Template Options

For the 1.0 release, there are 10 sample templates to choose from.

Send Log

The user can navigate to a screen listing the emails they have sent using StyleMail.

Customization Screen

The template customization screen for sample templates. Users can edit style properties of their email through the use of a simple but effective form.

Valetines Day Sample

An example of a customized Valentine's Day template.

Birthday Sample

An example of a customized Happy Birthday template.

Graduation Sample

An example of a customized Graduation Announcement template.

Custom Template Sample

The template edit page for custom templates allows the user much more freedom over the styling of their emails.

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Kevin Hagan: kmhagan@email.sc.edu LinkedIn
Olivia Monty: omonty@email.sc.edu LinkedIn
Sierra Stewart: sierrais@email.sc.edu LinkedIn
Alec Farmer: jaf10@email.sc.edu LinkedIn
Garrett Erven: gerven@email.sc.edu LinkedIn

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